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To showcase its concern for the environment, it has been the policy the Company to ensure strict compliance with all government regulations and internally-formulated policies. Being the leader in the domestic quarrying industry, the Company takes on the heavy burden of setting the trend in environment protection and consciousness in all its operations. This attitude is true not only for its own employees, but also for all its contractors.

Among the more significant environmental programs the Company has been implementing through years include a) reforestation within the perimeter of the vast Angono property not being presently affected by the mining activity; b) dust suppression in all its processing plants as well as in the main roads leading to the property; c) water recycling, ensuring that the operations require minimal make-up water from the river and creeks passing through the property; d) solid wastes management, ensuring that attendant waste materials from the quarry are placed in an engineered containment area; and e) the protection and improvement of waterways within the property by border-lining and toe-armoring.

Last year, the Company planted about 1,200 seedlings of hardwood trees, exceeding by 20% its commitment. These seedlings were scattered within a one hectare area north of the property.

For the whole year, the Company passed all the environmental audits of the Multi-partite Monitoring Team (MMT). The MMT is a body formed specifically to oversee the Company's compliance to the provisions and commitments as stipulated in the approved Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), and is composed of members from the national and local governments, non-government organization and the Company.

Sustainable development is what we aim for at CAC. We pledge to move forward and show our commitment to the fostering and protection of the environment.